Week of Color! Beaumier's Paint Picks 1 of 7

The number one question I always get asked is about paint color. Some clients really struggle narrowing down the vast array of colors available. I get it.

There's a million brands of paint, a million colors, multiple sheens, various quality grades of paint--it can be very overwhelming! I don't represent nor am I affiliated with any specific brand of paint, so I will leave that to the companies themselves. I have specific ones I prefer to use in my client's homes, but this blog post is all about COLOR!

I've decided to do ONE week of blog posts, 7 days - 7 colors. Each day will showcase our top picks for a specific color. Right now everyone is rushing to get their homes ready for the holidays and visiting families...suddenly they notice their walls REALLY need to be touched up...or the kiddo's just took sharpie to them...

...and it's Wednesday, and on Wednesday's we wear PINK (did you get my reference?!?!) BUT FIRST:

I prefer to decide sheen based on room, color, and condition of drywall. --Matte finish paints hide imperfections better than Gloss finish paints. --Dark colors use more tint, less binders--so they take more layers to cover--but also any repairs you've had to do really stand out more on a dark, glossy paint. For this reason I prefer Dark colors in a Flat or Eggshell finish. --Typically Trim (baseboard, wall moulding, crown, door casing etc) is best when done in a Semi-gloss. The shinier the paint, the better the scrubbability. Scuff marks come off better on shinier baseboards.

--Remember the old Kitchen and Bath Sateen Finish Paints? If you do, you need to re-paint, that stuff hasn't been around in several years. The sheen is Satin finish, which provides really good mold and mildew resistance and scrubbability in a wall paint, without the high sheen of a semi-gloss. -I prefer less light reflective paints in a bedroom. Flat and Eggshell work well here--unless it is a kids bedroom, then I usually use Satin for when I need to magic erase the crayon off the walls.

---What sheen do you prefer and why???

OKAY...drumroll!!! Here are my TOP 7 PINK paint colors:

1. Wellesley Buff - Benjamin Moore

2. Flower Girl - Valspar

3. Coral Buff - Benjamin Moore

4. Hello Prism - Valspar

5. Shell Coral - Behr Paint

6. Bubble Tea - Benjamin Moore

7. Rosy Outlook - Sherwin Williams

Aren't they fantastic color options?! I am obsessed with all 7 of these!! (although Bubble Tea is pretty close to my favorite)

---Check back for Tomorrow's color choices!! It is what I refer to as a "diluted Southwest"

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