Morning Glory Barn Doors - Tutorial

Not a day goes by we don't get asked about our office doors here in the showroom.

Aren't they gorgeous? And fun? and whimsical? And actually really inexpensive and a great alternative to the classic barn door.

What I used:

-Two 24x80 10 lite, unfinished pine slab doors from Home Depot, $136 each -SmartStandard 8' Sliding barn door hardware in Black $60 -& the additional hardware hangers, necessary for two doors $30

-I used the Minwax stain in Jacobean to achieve this dark look. I originally bought this for the Farmhouse table we built. They are both stained with the Jacobean @Home Depot

- To stain the Morning Glories I used Unicorn Spit (as seen below) @ Ace Hardware --It isn't the cheapest stain. But definitely provides the brightest and most vibrant results!

This was the first time I had ever used Unicorn Spit stain so was a little unsure how it would turn out. The pink rose on the bottom was actually done with by diluting craft paint with water and highlighting with non-diluted white paint, to see if there was a big difference in application.

These colors are INTENSE!! Also, make sure to dilute them with water and have a test board ready so you can get the desired heaviness. I wanted it pretty thin, so I used 3 parts water, 1 part Unicorn Spit. A little goes a long way!! I missed it in a Styrofoam cup and used only a tiny bit of stain. I still have nearly a full bottle left of each color.

I unwrapped the door and laid it on my brand new freshly built 10' farmhouse table with a tiny bit of plastic underneath because I am a crazy person. Maybe throw a drop cloth down first. I live dangerously. I then sketched out the design I wanted using pencil on the face of the door. You can do any design you'd like! I went with Morning Glories--the name of the store, and just freehanded them around where I thought they might look nice. ***Leave the plastic covering the glass. You have to use a razor knife to get it out, I did this after mine were dried and hung up

The first door I did the small morning glories and wasn't very happy with the results.

This where I learned that I should have diluted it with water because it looked like paint more than stain. I used a small artists brush to stain the flowers on this door, deciding later to use a rag on the big flowers. I went ahead and started staining around the flowers while everything was still wet trying to buff it all in together. Staining around the flowers is very tedious. I used a small artists brush to cut in with the Jacobean around the flowers and a rag to blend it out. I then used the rag across the rest of the door in the larger areas.

**Here you can see the rose I painted with diluted paint. I didn't hide the pencil marks very well, but it did work nice and is a super cheap alternative to the Unicorn Spit.

The Second door I did in larger Morning Glories. It turned out just the way I wanted! **Notice the giant farmhouse table has been stained! And I am still only using the plastic wrapper like a crazy person. I mainly painted this one on with a rag only, instead of using an artist brush. I wanted it to look like a light stain and really have depth against the dark stain going on the rest of the door.

Buffing the dark stain lightly with a rag over the flowers really helped tone down the brightness and made it look aged, which is what I was going for.

Mounting the brackets was pretty easy. They have a ton of different styles on Amazon. If you follow us on Instagram @beaumiersdesign_remodel, or Facebook (beaumiersdesignremodel) we used Nickel versions of these in the Greige and Calacatta bathroom/master closet remodel. Those brackets were hidden and mounted on the top of the doors, if you don't like the large hanger bracket look.

Always happy to answer any questions! Please share pics of your barn doors when you finish them! I really want to see someone use some great antique doors!!


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