January 18, 2018

October 5, 2017

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January 18, 2018

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October 5, 2017


Donny --with his 15 years of construction and remodeling experience as a General Contractor and "house flipper," and I, Arielle, with my 10 years in the Kitchen & Bath Design, and Home Improvement industry -- decided we should combine forces to create a full service design & remodeling company.


We wanted to keep it smaller than either of us had been in the past. By keeping it small, personal, and family owned --we felt it would allow us to truly build a company we could be proud of--that our clients would be proud of. However, it wasn't long before our small home office took over the entire house and we set off in search of a larger <separate from our house> office space.


It has always been my dream to own my own store. When I was a child, I dreamed of a book store--later that dream grew into antiques, a market, and a variety of other shops. So, when we set off in search for an office, I mentioned that maybe this was the time to make the space something more than just a desk and meeting space. Maybe this was the time to have our showroom --showcasing our tile, cabinetry, countertops, portfolio, etc, but also make it a completely "Shoppable" space. That was how our "Shoppable Showroom" was born. 


We fell in love with Old Town Cottonwood, so when we saw the large store front for rent on Main St., we knew we had to jump on it. The landlord had given us permission to do whatever we wanted to the building, so Donny and I immediately started sketching and dreaming. 


 The little shop when we first saw it. 

 The front of the building right on Main St. 


Future site of office walls!



We started the process of growing the shop into "Morning Glory" immediately. The floors had 100 years worth of damage and multiple termite issues, as well as a 4x8 cut out where the floors had been reinforced at some point. They were retreated for wood boring insects after we rented it, and then we started the process of recoating the floor. I wanted to keep some uniformity--create the illusion that the floor was the same all the way across. I think our farmhouse floor achieved that.

 The helper! <3 


Two coats of Ultra Pure White Exterior Flat Paint, and One-HEAVY-coat Polyurethane for Floors. The polyurethane did create an "amber" finish on the floors, which makes it appear somewhat "tea stained," especially in all the uneven areas of the floor. 


 You can see the amber a little better ^^^here. I worried about it at first, but as pieces got moved in I realized how much I liked it!